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Dr Paul Hunton


Email: paul.hunton@huntonwoods.co.uk

T: +44 (0)1325 978492

M: +44 (0)7747 111602


Offering A Unique Blend of Expert Technical Knowledge and Practical Cybersecurity Investigation Skills

I am an accomplished digital forensic expert and cybersecurity specialist who has focused on the investigation, examination and development of computer systems and data networks for more than 20 years. Prior to becoming an independent consultant, I spent over 18 years with UK law enforcement working extensively as a technical specialist. Building on a solid technical background, during my early IT career, I held the roles of technical systems analyst, software developer and data systems integration architect.

My technical investigation skills are further broadened having also spent several years as a professional and academic researcher at the forefront in the development of large-scale computer data integration and analysis systems to deliver secure business and criminal intelligence. I have specialist knowledge of the Internet and its underlying technology with much of my early research focusing on what is now the basis of cloud computing. I am a university guest lecture and have taught the topics of advance cybersecurity techniques, digital forensic investigation and cybercrime. I am also the author of one of the first Maritime Cyber Risk Awareness courses to be specifically designed for the maritime industry and accredited under the GCHQ certified training (GCT) scheme.

Computer Expert Witness

With a unique blend of technical knowledge and legal case practice, I can provide you with the technical expertise your case requires. I have extensive courtroom experience and I can present complex technical evidence in a clear and concise manner.

Digital Forensic Examination

I have an extensive knowledge and skillset surrounding the digital forensic tools, processes and procedures necessary to identify and deliver electronic evidence that is both reliable and robust.

Cybersecurity Consultancy

Individuals and organisations alike are increasingly exposed to the growing risks and aggressive nature of cyber-attack. I can offer a range of consultancy services to identify and reduce cyber-risks and in turn limit exposure to the deliberate threat from malicious cyber-attackers.

Cyber Breach Investigation

With a detailed forensic knowledge of many different types of computer systems, networks and technology supported by a wealth of experience investigating cyber-attacks, I offer a unique blend of technical and cyber investigation skills to trace and prevent further compromise.

With Many Years of Experience

Sample Case Highlights

I have a wealth of industry experience having been involved in numerous technical investigations ranging from complex civil disputes to serious international criminal cases. I have provided evidence as an expert technical witness in civil legal proceedings and criminal cases for both the prosecution and the defence, and I also act as a single joint expert (SJE).

Delivering a wide range of expert technical services, I have extensive experience of a broad client base ranging from private individuals and small business to large corporate organisations, law enforcement agencies, financial institutes, international banking and trade bodies including the electronics, gaming, music, publishing, insurance, manufacture, automotive and maritime industries.

  • Huawei Technologies Co. [2019]

    International Privicy Dispute

    Instructed in the matter involving the arrest of Huawei's chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou.

  • British Airways [2019]

    Largescale Data Breach

    Instructed in the class action against British Airways involving the largescale loss of personal and financial data surrounding their website.

  • R v Khilji [2018]

    Encouraging Terrorism

    Instructed by the defence in the case of Khilji charged under the Terrorism Act with the creation and dissemination of terrorist material in the form of digital media.

  • Tourplan Pacific Ltd v Australian Tours Management Pty Ltd [2017]

    Software Copyright

    Instructed to assist with the complex technical issues surrounding an international software copyright dispute of a global travel management system.

  • Ryanair v Google [2017]

    Internet Advertising Dispute

    Instructed in the challenge raised by Ryanair relating to Google’s AdWord programme.

  • R v Hyams and Others [2016]

    FBI Investigation of The Dark Web

    Instructed by the defence in one of the first UK trials relating to the infamous Dark Web online marketplace ‘Silk Road’. Working in the New York offices of the Federal Investigation Bureau (FBI), I examined and reviewed the investigation processes, data handling practices and the reliability of electronic evidence produced during the FBI’s investigation of the ‘Silk Road’ website and associated Bitcoin servers.

  • Nicocigs Limited v Fontem Holdings 1 BV and Fontem Ventures BV [2016]

    International Patent Dispute

    Instructed in a high value patent claim to provide a pivotal role in examining the reliability and provenance of complex technical evidence.

  • R v Johnson [2016]

    High Profile Grooming Case

    Acting as an Expert Witness for the prosecution in the high profile child grooming case of the Sunderland and England international footballer, I was instructed to provided expert technical case consultancy including the forensic recovery and examination of pertinent electronic evidence, expert reporting and court testimony. Johnson was convicted and sentanced to six years in prison for sexual offences.

  • Orb a.r.l. and ors v Ruhan [2015]

    High Value Commercial Dispute

    Instructed in a £100m commercial dispute to establish the reliability and provenance of digital documentation and provide expert technical advice and reporting.

  • R v O'Brien and Others [2015]

    International Organised Crime

    Instructed by a national UK law enforcement unit in a high profile international organised crime gang case that involved the theft of £57m of museum exhibits and artefacts from several museums. I acted as expert technical case consultant for the investigation and conducted digital forensic examination of key exbibits and delivered expert court testimony. Fourteen (14) gang members were subsequently convicted.

  • R v Smith [2015]

    Electronic Legal Document Provenance

    This case involving the defendant whilst working as a legal secretary modifying her deceased husband’s will. At the direction of the court and bound by the strict adherence to legal privilege, I was instructed to recover and establish the provenance of an electronic will document retained by the solicitor’s firm where the defendant previously worked.

  • Undisclosed Employment Tribunal [2014]

    Discrimination and Harassment

    Instructed as the single joint expert (SJE) in a case involving the CEO of a national construction company and his Personal Assistant. The Claimant, seeking finacial damages, claimed she had received emails sent by the company CEO that were threatening, abusive and discriminatory, which caused her to resign. It was possible to establish that the CEO's email account had been compromised and the emails had been sent from the Claimant's home address.

  • Advance Health and Care Limited v Ace Care 4 U Limited [2014]

    Software Fit For Purpose Dispute

    Instructed by the court as the single joint expert (SJE) in the dispute between the Claimant, a supplier of software and IT support to the care industry and the Respondent, a care provider to establish if the claimant’s software was fit for purpose of the respondent’s business.

  • Harbour Supplies Limited v Jeremiah Strongarm Limited [2014]

    Corporate Dispute

    Instructed by the Respondent to re-examine computer systems and electronic data previously examined by digital forensic experts acting for the Claimant. Following re-examination, discrepancies in the Claimant’s technical expert’s examination processes were identified that resulted in sections of technical evidence being amended or withdrawn.

  • R v Undisclosed Youth [2013]

    Computer Hacking

    Instructed by law enforcement to provide expert technical consultancy in a complex computer hacking case by an alleged member of the hacking group ‘Anonymous’. Following attempts to hack into websites and online systems including those of law enforcement and government bodies, an individual was traced. I provided technical oversite for the search and seizure of all computer related equipment used to execute the attacks, recovery of online artefacts and the digital forensic examination of all data recovered including many hacking tools and other relevant data.

  • Undisclosed International Bank [2013]

    Bank Fraud

    Instructed by an international bank to examine their technical processes and IT infrastructure in order to establish the cause of a multi £million internal fraud.

  • Undisclosed [2012]

    Covert Internet Investigation

    Instructed in a matter involving the on-line digital evidence capture and the covert test-purchase and recover of property associated with a high-profile individual and belonging to a Formula 1 race team.

  • R v Ellis [2009]

    Digital Copyright

    Acting for the prosecution on-behalf of the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) and the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) to provide expert technical assistance in the first UK criminal investigation into online music piracy and the ‘Oink’ website. The technical complexity of the case was such that I was required to giving expert court testimony over a three-day period to explain the many technical concepts and intricacies of the functionality used by the ‘Oink’ website and its administrators in the alleged distribution of digital copyright infringing material.

Publications and Academia

Continuious Progression in the Field

I am a published academic specialising in the field of cybercrime investigation and digital evidence recovery. I am a former member of the Professional Board for the journal of Computer Law and Security Review and my current academic research is focused on cyber sucurity and the digital investigation practices of securing reliable technical evidence. I am a university guest lecturer having taught topics including computer law, digital forensics, advanced cybersecurity techniques, cybercrime, Internet investigation and expert witness report writing. I am also the author of one of the first Maritime Cyber Risk Awareness courses to be specifically designed for the maritime industry and accredited under the GCHQ certified training (GCT) scheme.